Diablo III Beta Impressions

I got my Diablo III beta invitation a little while ago! I woke up in the morning to seeing it sitting pretty in my inbox, and left it installing when I headed to work.

Once other obligations were out of the way, my husband and I sat down to play with a couple of friends who also had invites and we set to playing in a full 4 person group. I played a wizard; my husband played a demon hunter; one friend was a monk; the other friend was a barbarian.

We had a blast 😀

The beta right now is only a part of Act I, so it is pretty short. We went through the whole thing in about 90 minutes.

The runes aren’t in the game right now so there isn’t much character customization outside of armor, so that is kind of a bummer. You can upgrade the vendors though!

Since that first playthrough, I’ve played almost every class (everything except the monk – that’s next!). They are all pretty fun and unique. Can’t wait for the game to come out for real! Here’s a gallery of screenshots that I’ve taken while on my beta adventures (including a shot of the skeleton king’s crown being fixed up… on an anvil that is missing. Wooo! :P)

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