Well, it’s been over a year since I posted! I need to just write and not think about it too hard. I will use the “I had a baby last year” excuse. She’s just a little over 4 months old now :)

I started playing Deadlight after I bought it (probably during the summer sale in 2013) but only played for about half an hour. Today I picked it up again and beat it in one sitting! Just as suggests, I finished it in about 4 hours according to Steam.

Lots of stuff I liked about it – visually Deadlight is just plain pretty. The side scrolling aspect is nice and feels different – maybe just because I don’t play a ton of side scrolling games nowadays. Just because you can only move left to right though doesn’t mean that zombies (or “shadows” as the game calls them) can’t come out from the background and attack you. I also loved that it was set in the 80s – it didn’t have a ton of effect on the story but it was a neat touch nonetheless.

Difficulty wise it seemed somewhere on the easy side for most of the game, and toward the end there were a few sections where you would really have to do things perfectly (or at least it felt that way) and it could get a bit frustrating. That’s not a negative aspect of the game though, aside from what I was sure was a bug where I got crushed inside a collapsing building about five times in a row even though it seemed I was running as fast as I could. I did not play Nightmare mode however. Nightmare mode does give you an alternate ending, but because I am lazy I just looked it up on YouTube.

I had a bit of an issue at the end with a semi-escort section of the game because it felt like yet another instance of a female character needing help and being kind of annoying (~heeeeelppp meeeee~), but it overall was a pretty small part. It got extra irritating right at the end but I don’t want to say anything specific because of spoilers!

Anyway, Deadlight was definitely fun to play or I wouldn’t have marathoned the whole thing in an evening. And absolutely worth the Steam sale price. If you do decide to check it out, I would recommend playing it with a controller if possible. There is an XBLA version of the game as well, but I don’t have any experience with that one personally.

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