The Stanley Parable

I just started playing The Stanley Parable tonight – yet another item from a Steam sale – and played it obsessively right past my ideal bedtime (the “if you go to bed you won’t hate yourself when the baby wakes you up tomorrow” bedtime).

Alright, so I did that yesterday too with Civilization V as well, playing a multiplayer game with my friend Crunchy, but as I found Civ addictive, so too did I find The Stanley Parable. “Just one more turn…”

It was fun to play and explore and also laugh-out-loud funny at times. It’s hard to say much about it without spoiling the game because so much of the game is just exploring the possibilities (or not). It was pretty damn magnificent and I’m so happy I spent my evening playing it. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot if you are able, if only for the brilliant narration.

My only caution (and certainly not a complaint from me personally at the price I paid for it) is for $15 the game is pretty short, even after exploring all of the endings (of which there are many).

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