Old Man’s War

I started a new series on accident!

I didn’t know until a friend of mine commented, “Oh, I love that series!” – both great and dreaded words. I get to add more books to my eternal backlog, hurray! But it’s great to discover a new series, especially when it’s by an author I already like.

Other people can write book reviews better than me (and video game reviews, for that matter) so I am just trying to chronicle my journey through my massive media backlog in a way that might make me feel accomplished. Hopefully along the way I can become a better writer and stay motivated to keep completing video games. Thankfully, my online book club (which I will probably write a post about another time!) and goodreads.com help me to keep completing books.

Anyway, back to Old Man’s War!

I think I first added this book to my to-read list when I saw the NPR Sci Fi and Fantasy top 100 books list. I finally read John Scalzi recently (with Redshirts) and was excited to give another one of his books a try. I finally did with Old Man’s War, which I picked up from one of the Humble eBook Bundle packs. Finally decided to start reading it shortly before the end of the year last year, and finished it a couple of nights ago.

It was good! I liked how it handled the theme of war and the usage of the CDF (Colonial Defense Forces) against the aliens without a lot of consideration of trying to make peace ahead of time, and how and when that started to affect the main character. My only complaint is that we meet so many characters through the course of the book but we don’t get enough time to get to know them before something bad happens to them (if something bad happens to them) and it’s on to the next chapter. That may not be a bad thing for others, I just like getting to know different characters in the books I read.

I’ll definitely be picking up the next book in the series at some point, and looking forward to reading more by Scalzi in the future!


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