Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I finished Brothers today.

I started the game a couple of weeks ago and that day when I was googling an achievement I accidentally came across a big spoiler for the game. Just as a warning, don’t google achievement related items before the game is over! The spoiler was absolutely huge and it affected my desire to play the game. I ended up putting the game down and didn’t play it again until today. The whole time I was playing today, all I could think of was that spoiler.

Even with the giant spoiler though I still loved Brothers. Even knowing that this thing was going to happen ultimately did not affect how I experienced it when it finally did.

The control scheme is cool, if confusing at first. I know a lot of people say they got used to it really quickly and maybe my brain just doesn’t work that way because I still got tripped up on a semi regular basis. Thankfully though, for the most part Brothers is not a fast paced game and you don’t need to do everything in a rush.

I played the game on my PC using an XBOX controller. The left analog stick and trigger button are used to control the older brother, and the right analog stick and right trigger button control the younger brother. Each brother has a couple of limitations and special things that only they can do. For the most part both brothers will be traveling along the same path, which is part of what makes the control scheme not 100% confusing.

Brothers is an emotional ride, opening the game with the death of the boys’ mother and then their father becoming deathly ill. The two boys need to go on a journey to obtain special water that will save him. I won’t say much about what happens along the way, but the scenery is beautiful and there are a number of people they meet and friendships they make along the way. The whole game is pretty short – I think I finished it in about two and a half hours (Steam says 2 hours but I know it must have been a little longer than that). I thought it was definitely worth it though. I don’t know if I’ve ever played a game that made a single button press so meaningful. Anyone who has finished the game will know what I am talking about :)

Happy gaming!

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