At first I did really well protecting my baby badgers, except for when I got a bug that allowed mommy badger to get a turnip stuck in her mouth so I couldn’t feed any babies for the rest of the level. After I lost the 3rd baby badger I restarted the section and did much better!

By the end I was getting tired and sloppy. I made it to the final section of the game with 4 baby badgers alive, and then I was (not) awesome and lost 2 more of them right before the end of the game.

I think the review on Steam by †Malchiah said it best:

I got really drunk and played this game… ended up naming my precious badger babies. When I lost turtle I was screaming at the river. Then when I was done I wanted to punch a bird. Buy this game.

Sounds about right!

There were a couple of frustrating bits. The art style is nice but sometimes it just kind of makes everything look the same. Also I legitimately had to google how the hell to get out of the first cave. Spoiler alert – the baby in the cave is just HUNGRY, not dead, so you have to feed it in order to continue. I would have appreciated some direction there!

I also skipped the end of the game because I thought it was a game over screen. When I googled afterward I realized it was actually the end of the game. Oops.

Considering the game is probably about 2 hours tops of content I think the 9.99 price tag is a bit steep, but if you can pick it up on a sale it is worth playing. I’d ended up picking it up for $2.50 on Christmas Day last year.

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